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Cardiff Recycling Bins

Our recycling services are here to help you reduce waste at source and save money.

No matter the kind of waste which must be baled and recycled we possess the right machine for you. And with our complete pre and post-sales service, you will be sure which you’ll get a high quality Baler for years to come.

*Simple and safe waste management
*Tough and long lasting
*Saves time, space and cash
*Low noise functioning
Our variety of Vertical Balers

Our Balers offer affordable alternatives without compromising on quality. Designed for the less intensive user, press powers are still exceptionally successful for creating compact bales.

These Balers are appropriate for just about any need for waste handling. All these are heavy duty machines, equipped with cross cylinders for quite secure compaction along with a low total height. These Balers are appropriate for a variety of materials including plastics and create dense bales, whilst still working with a low noise level.

Marine Balers
Bramidan Marine balers are ideally suited to fulfill waste management conditions on boats, rigs and shipyards.

We provide Bramidan X10 and X25 Marine balers jointly with the Bramidan Marine Bag Press to match these conditions.

These machines are extremely powerful in managing multiple waste flows, for example cardboard and plastic. It follows that waste could be segregated but still baled at the exact same time. Additional chambers may be added.

Waste Cardiff Balers
Our Balers supply an affordable waste management option, without compromising on quality.

The machines are all easy to use — simply press the Start button and walk away.
Our variety of vertical balers contains little balers which make bales of 30-60kg along with medium and big balers producing bales of up to 600kg.

Bin collection for Veterinarian

We comprehend the significance of pet health-care, and that’s why we’ve created veterinarians a variety of options.

The rules regarding pet health-related spend are complicated — why we’ve created a variety of providers exclusively for that requirements of the veterinarian field and that’s.

The waste-disposal services are tailored for managing veterinarian wastes, from pet bedding to drugs and sharps. The selection groups supply providers like yours just to countless methods.

The specialized spend operations providers could be customized to fit your person requirements and, as actually, you are able to depend on people to supply a dependable comprehensive and economical spend answer.

We offer options that assist you to handle the complicated problems of spend administration that is certified, letting you concentrate on the wellbeing of one’s bestial sufferers and what truly issues for your apply.

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