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Cardiff Waste Disposal

Waste Cardiff provide a wheelie bin collection service for customers that need the flexibility of mobile waste containers or just do not create substantial amounts of waste.

We supply both an overall trade waste collection service for mixed general waste and different recycling rounds for cardboard/paper and mixed recyclable waste. Our waste containers are suitably tagged to help customers segregate at source where multiple containers are used. These waste flows can contain one or all the following.
*General Industrial Waste (light compactable waste only – no earth, brick, ceramics, hazardous waste, etc)
*Cardboard & Paper Recycling Collections (old cardboard packaging, papers, magazines, office paper, etc)
Please see below for our entire selection of wheelie containers
*820 litre Wheelie Bin (4 wheeled bin)
*1100 litre Wheelie Bin (4 wheeled bin)
*1280 litre Wheelie Bin (4 wheeled bin)


Waste Cardiff make use of a hydraulic elevator mechanism in the back of the automobile to tip waste into the onboard waste compactor. Bins and containers may be emptied promptly and economically without the need to be taken out of the site.

Commerce Waste Loaders are usually used for the set of lighter more compactable materials that may be produced by stores, offices, public houses, restaurants and hospitals.

Containers and wheeled containers may be provided with closing/ lockable lids to stop wind scatter, vandalism and third party dropping. This kind of containers is suited to regions with small accessibility.

Container Essential Points

Lidded/ locking alternatives available.
Bonded Set – when you want it.

TRADITIONAL HIRE IN Cardiff for recycling your waste
Small OR Midi skips are well suited for: Home Spend, Demolition Spend, Contractors Squander and Common Squander. The sixteen and ten, twelve, fourteen skips are well suited for Commercial and Industrial customers in Cheshire who possess cumbersome items which need eliminating or have considerable amounts of spend.

The customer support group may recommend about omit required for your needs and our pleasant shipping employees may make sure your omit is shipped using the the least interruption to your dimension.

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