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Commercial Waste Cardiff

Waste Cardiff provides a given plant remedy for the all-inclusive oil sludge treatment and healing of oil polluted liquids, sludges and solids.

Using technology developed by our Waste Cardiff Refinery Services department we’re able to:
*Recycle inert fractions
*Different and treat water content
Waste flows suited to oil sludge treatment:

*Mobile oil sludges
*Interceptor waste
Waste Cardiff offer oil sludge treatment & disposal service.

Tyre Elimination and Recycle
Fresh laws implies that tyres that are entire have now been barred from September 2003 from dump from September 2006. The guidelines that are brand new come included in the Landfill Instruction, that’ll visit a bar on throwing employed tyres over the entire of the marriage of the European. Spend tyre removal is bad and ugly for the surroundings.

Considerable amounts of tyres’ removal can be quite expensive spend administration that is Nearby are extremely seldom overwhelmed on cost with our commercial tyre recycle 100% are recycled by us off all of the tyres gathered from website.


At Waste Cardiff we work to minimise the effect of waste disposal to the ecosystem.

We’ve got robust systems in place designed to make sure that we fulfil our duty of care to the environment and comply with environmental performance standards determined by the government
regulatory bodies.

We’re an ISO14001 accredited organisation and so we always monitor and review our environmental performance against a string key performance indicators.

We adopt our obligations as well as the impact our actions have on the ecosystem. In addition, we plan to boost public knowledge of environmental problems and support the development of a community that voluntarily cares for the ecosystem.

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