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Waste Oil Cardiff

All recovered oil is recycled for reuse. This service is supplied for general lubricating oils which were contaminated by other materials including water and other oils or they’re at the end of their lifecycle and have combined other components.

Some examples are listed below.

Gearbox Oil
Hydraulic Oils
Transmission Oils
Engine Oils
Contaminated Oils
Quenching Oils
Turbine Oils

This service is for instances whereby several oils are mixed and cross contaminated together with other items such as water or alternative fluids and components.

Industrial oils are recycled onsite at our modern facility. This really is a commercial service supplied within the highest safety standards ensuring that mixed waste oils are recycled and processed. We process over 2 million litres of waste combined oil and lubricants each year and offer the best service available.

Oil Absorbents & Spill Control Systems
We offer a supply of industrial absorbents, spill kits, pads and booms for the managing of compound and oil waste within your environment. Our variety of oil absorbents.

Spill Kits
50 litres of absorbency per kit

Absorbent Granules
Oil Only Absorbent Pads
1.2 litres per pad of absorbency

Oil Only Absorbent Sock
4 litres per sock of absorbency

General Purpose Spill Kits, Oil Spill Kits, Chemical Spill Kits, Specialist Spill Kits, Refills, Chemical Neutralisers, Absorbent Pads, Absorbent Socks, Absorbent Pillows, Absorbent Rolls, Absorbent Granules, Absorbent Mats & Matting are all available for UK wide delivery at the best deals.

Where requested we can provide an on site spill survey and suggest a spill management solution for your site.

Please contact Waste Cardiff to learn more on our waste oil management, chemical waste management, specialised oils and environmental cleaning services.

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